Monday, November 26, 2012

Falcarinol: a food chemical that makes the Carrot a healthy anti-cancer diet

The carrot fruit is known to be one of the active anti-cancer foods. This is because this fruit contains some of the finest chemical compounds that are of great benefit to the human body. Besides providing the precursor for vitamin A which improves vision, the carrot fruit has long been known to play active roles in both preventing and fighting cancer. The carrot fruit is believed to be involved in preventing cancer of the lungs, mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, bladder prostate and breast.

Some of the chemical compounds that make the carrot fruit an anti-cancer food include Beta-carotene and Falcarinol. These two important food chemicals work independently to prevent cancer. A better understanding of how these food chemicals works will help us appreciate the anti-cancer properties of the carrot fruit. Here are just a few explanations as to how these food chemicals works.

Beta carotene is a food chemical occurring naturally in cis- and trans- forms is found in a host of colorful fruits and vegetables. Beta carotene is a member of the caroteroid family that is known to have anti-cancer abilities. Beta carotene bestows the carrot fruit with the anti-caner activities such as:

1.       Boosting the immune system to fight diseases
2.       Converted to vitamin A, which has been proven, by over 200 research work to be an anti-cancer food chemical. Research studies have shown that vitamin A has anti-cancer properties against lung, colon, throat, and breast cancer.

Falcarinol, another food chemical found in the carrot fruit has shown anti-cancer activities as well as been active in fighting cardiovascular diseases. It is what gives the carrot fruit the ability to improve eye vision. Falcarinol is also believed to be active against acute lymphoblastic leukemia, cancer of the white blood cell. Further studies on laboratory animals have revealed that Falcarinol has anti-cancer activities in fighting leukemia and colon cancer.


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  1. My aunt has cancer and its not reducing! I think i will share this article with her and force her to try this out as well


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